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This is an article about a potential $2500 annual pay raise for teachers in Florida. While I believe teachers are deserving of a pay raise, I think these are empty promises and election time trickery. There are still questions concerning the merit pay system and I dont think the overall public opinion will support this raise. It is a shame that one of our most important professions always seems to be shrouded in controversy.

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Comment by Michelle Anolfo on January 30, 2013 at 2:39pm

Unfortunately, Rick Scott does sound like he’s fishing for voter support in this article. The old catch phrase “show me the money” is very fitting here. It is sad that teachers in Florida are paid so far below the national average & very hard to believe promises that have turned up empty in the past. I never knew teacher’s salaries were negotiated by county, but that seems unfair. If you work in a neighbouring county that is a needier district, why should those teachers receive fewer earnings? I think politicians make this a complicated issue. Who better to invest in that our children, after all they are the future of our world.

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