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This article is about the need for more data on LGBT students, it explains that they are an underrepresented population and may…


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Education Link


This link is an article from NPR that details some of the challenges that special needs students may experience when using social media. It also goes into detail about how special education teachers and…


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The Search for Scholarships

The Search for Scholarships

     Like most other college students, I look for ways to minimize the amount of money I have to pay for my education. One of the ways I like to do this is by searching for the various scholarships that are offered, and when I had the opportunity to ask the University of South Florida advisors questions, I asked them about resources for scholarships. But, unfortunately they did not respond to my question, but I am sure that was…


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Will Asynchronous Advising Every Truly Replace In-Person Advising?

While there are some benefits to online advising sessions, I do not believe that they will ever fully replace the personal help and attention available during in-person advising sessions. My experience with the University of South Florida online advisors unfortunately fell quite short of what I had hoped it would be. I hoped that it would be a valuable, informative, and helpful experience that would provide me with some guidance going forward with my degree. This led me to compare the…


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Internet Safety

Please be aware that while we collaborate globally, it is important to keep your identity private.  Please be protective of your private information while logging on to any web site, including this one.

Use fake information for birthdates; do not give your address, phone number, school or job locations or any other identifying information.  It is wise to use a secondary e mail address that is not your primary address whenever you log on to social web sites.

For more information on protecting yourself and your identity, please see the following web page: .

Be smart, be safe,

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