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Reading Difficulties in Children with Hearing problems vs. Children with Dyslexia

This week I have posted a paper that is published by the Nuffield Foundation, which compared a group of children with dyslexia to children with a history of repeated ear infections (Otitis Media with Effusion, OME) to see if there were any similarities in their phonological and literacy difficulties.

Spoiler alert!

The findings were interesting. 

The results showed that the children with dyslexia do have different patterns of literacy difficulties than children…


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Five Ways to Intentionally Support Reading Independence

Teaching all students in your classroom to read requires intentional steps and planning. Successful teachers create a classroom environment where reading grows because of small, simple actions by both teacher and student.

This article delineates 5 small steps to help teachers get started. The article is called Five Ways to…


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'Our Minds Can be Hijacked': The Tech Insiders Who Fear a Smartphone Dystopia’.

Technology has added many positive tools to help improve our lives and to improve teaching. The Teaching Café is built on the premise of the positive contributions of technology in education.

However, I have long been a proponent of all things in measured amounts. I especially have always been wary of introducing our youth to an addictive medium that removes them from the real world.

I thought this article was worth sharing:…


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Educational Link 1005

Hey everyone I am in both classes so for my second educational link I will be posting this one which includes a bunch of awesome educational websites for teachers. The website has 16 different websites in order to help teachers out. You can find a link to a website in order to help you with pretty much any subject you are teaching on or are needing help with.…


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Educational Link 2085

Hey everyone I am in both classes so for my first educational link I will be posting this one which includes a bunch of awesome educational videos. You can find pretty much any subject on this website and there is a video to go with that lesson. I chose this website because there are so many different choices that it does not matter what you are teaching on you can find it on here!

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Education Link

After looking through a few websites I came across this one! I enjoy this a lot because it is very similar to one that the class I sit in on uses. It's a "daily starter" activity. With a little bit of vocab, math, fun facts, and "teachable moments". In my Field Experience #3, I end up talking a decent amount on how much I enjoy how my class starts every…


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Education Link ;

This video is a Ted talk video one weather or not technology can change education!

I think this video is appropriate to chapter 7 because in this chapter, we learned alot about using technology in the classroom.…


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Educational Link

Hey guys! I found this site very interesting! I love doing different science activities with the kiddos. It has some online textbooks, great STEM activities, teacher resources as well as professional development. There are also areas for parents and students to explore. Discovery Education strives to transform the classroom, empower teachers and inspire students. Definitely worth a look!

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Educational Link 

This website provides free interactive materials and games that help kids practice reading and build their phonemic awareness.

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Education Link (Links to an external site.)

This is a link to different teaching blogs! Teachers share stories of funny occurrences from class, how they are making a difference in their classrooms, and also share lesson plans. I believe it is a very helpful source…


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Educational Link

I found that the citation machine helped me a lot in my middle school, high school, and even college career! I love this educational resource and is highly suggested by all who have used it, and I too highly recommend it for easy and fast citations

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Educational Link and App

Hi Everyone!

As we all know the internet is full of plenty of resources, but I just so happen to come across a very useful website. This website is called, in which it showcases the many sight word students should be aware of and know how to spell by a certain grade level. Ranging from Pre-K to 3rd grade, this website offers sight words, bingo games, flashcards, and even allows you to download reading for your child…


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Educational Link

This websites helps teacher identify trends and methods that work as a teacher. The are insightful article that can help teachers.

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Education Link

I came acrossed this website that includes lesson plans created by teachers for teachers. The website has a ton of classroom projects in all subjects and grade levels that can be found here as well as chat boards, online meetings and even available jobs. 

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Educational link

I chose this link because I think it is a great resource for teachers! There are a bunch of resources a teacher can use that are free, and they are broken down by grade and also by subject, which I think is really helpful! It has things like lesson plans, activities, games, virtual field trips and much more!

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IXL is a program for student to help them sharpen their skills in math, social studies, science and language arts.

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Samantha Haga Educational Link

This website offers lesson plans and reading passages for teachers. Teachers can print out reading passages for their students with different types of questions that follow along with the passage. There are ones that target different strategies, subjects, and grades. 

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Educational Link

I work at a preschool, and in one of our VPK classes they use this educational site called, Starfall is a colorful site for parents and educators. This site also offers options for children who are home schooled. Starfall teaches the child the alphabet, then introducing words to work with the child to prepare them to start reading. Starfall also works math skills by having counting and matching games to name a few. Starfall also…


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Education Link

While I was looking around the internet trying to find a good link, I discovered this link that I found to be very resourceful for teachers! For those that are fun teachers and like to incorporate creative ideas, this link is for you! The site has several helpful tips and strategies for teachers. They also have a lot of ideas for lessons and easy ways for organizing papers. The site also provides ebooks and other great steals. Each moth they post a section of resources that can be extremely…


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Educational Link is an online educator's resource. Part of it can be used by anyone and part of it requires membership. It has materials and activities for Pre-K - 8. You can obtain pre-printed worksheets or create your own by subjects. There are many interactive activities also available.

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