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Chapter 9 was a very interesting and informative chapter.  One of the sections that caught my eye was “Classroom Management and Classroom Community”.  Classroom management is described as the ways teachers create an effective classroom environment for learning, including all the rules and conditions they establish.  During my classroom observations at Braden River Elementary School, I have been aware of how important classroom management is for an effective classroom.  The textbook says that educators believe that carefully arranging their (the teachers) classroom to minimize disturbances will make their classroom run efficiently.  I completely agree with that statement and I hope to have a very well managed classroom when I become a teacher.

I also found all of the information on bullying and cyber bullying to be very sad but interesting.  It is always good to be completely aware of these situations so that they do not go unseen.  Cyber-bullying is bullying or harassment through electronic means such as e-mail, web postings, texting, etc.  I believe it is so important to make sure your students know that they can come talk to you about anything.  I believe having a positive relationship with your students will help them open up to you if they are ever unfortunately faced with any sort of bullying.

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I totally agree with your feelings on the section of classroom management and classroom community. I think this was a most valuable chapter. I too can compare the kindergarten and first grade classes I visited, and can see how the arrangement of the classroom was designed to eliminate disruption. The setting of circle areas and centers were also designed for a calm, smooth transition. 

I realize now how a simple adjustment can avoid many issues. When I was a student at King Middle School, the hallways were designed for students to travel in only one direction. This may sound silly, but it greatly eliminated confrontations and allowed for a smooth transition from class to class. 

I agree Amber, I have never been so aware until my observations of how important classroom management is when it comes to running a classroom. However, I don't really agree with the statement that educators believe that carefully arranging their classroom to minimize disturbances will make their classroom run efficiently. I believe there is so much more that plays in to the management of a classroom than just arrangement. Everyday there are factors that can a play a huge role in interfering with your classroom management. You could have a student who is Autistic, who has Special Needs, sometimes students who come from a broken home or even from a home where the living situation is certainly not the best, these can all play a part in interfering with your classroom management. I also believe that every year a teacher's classroom management changes. Not every class will be the same and all the students will not be exactly alike, so this causes the teachers to change their classroom management in order to reach a success of an efficient classroom. 


I also enjoyed the section about classroom management and how important it is. I feel that this chapter was very efficient, because us soon-to-be teachers need to be aware of all the aspects of a good classroom. I too can compare to my experience observing a classroom. They were all elementary school kids so every little thing they saw or heard distracted them. Its important to make sure that there are little to none distractions in the classroom, especially dealing with younger kids. The simplest of adjustments can avoid any issue.

Overall I really enjoyed your post!!

I also hope to have a positive relationship with my students like an open door policy in case there's anything they need to speak with me about that they have a trusted adult that they can come to. Whether it's about bullying, cyber bullying or sexual assault etc I hope that in my classroom community that i will be able to establish a great relationship with all of my students so that they feel comfortable in their enviroment and enjoy coming and being at school! 


I also thought that the section of classroom management and classroom community was very interesting. I thought that the section about classroom management was probably one of the most valuable sections in the book so far. I like that you involved your experience with your field observations and the effectiveness of arranging a classroom to promote efficiency and minimize disturbances. I think that paying attention to how classrooms are set up will help us greatly when setting up our own someday. Personally, one of the best things I have done for improving my classroom management skills is substitute teaching. When I go into a new class it makes me think on my feet and adjust to each new situation. It has really been a great tool for learning a little about classroom management. 

Amber, it is great that you can make connections between what you are reading in the book and what you are observing in the classroom. I also noticed in my classroom observation certain ways the teacher manages her classroom. For example, when she needs the students to clean up quickly or transition, she does not tell them she simply plays a song on the computer and they all know to clean up quickly and quietly. It is important to lay down the rules and guidelines from day one, in order to be able to properly manage a classroom. Great post! 

I loved your overall post! I agree that we should try and create a space optimal for learning, they can definitely be influenced by their environment and something as simple as desk arrangments could potentially hinder or help them exceed. It's especially important to figure out what type of students you have, maybe situating their seating whether they work better in groups, by themselves, etc. 

I  also feel as we should have a positive and open communication with our students will allow them to open up to us, but it's also very important, as you said, to try and be completely aware of these situations. If students are embarrassed or too scared they may not have the courage to speak out for themselves. It's the students who are in classes with a strong sense of community that is more likely to step forward against the bully. 

Amber Lynn,

I found it interesting that their is a concept called classroom management but agree with you that reading about what that meant and the impact back in the classroom is vital to a successful classroom.  The other piece you have mentioned about bullying in the classroom really interested me and I found it very helpful to understand the impact it can do to a person who have been bullied.  I also liked the fact that being a strong teacher who has a positive relationship with her students can have a great positive impact on the child's life and help them during a tough time.


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