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This week’s chapter had a lot of informative information that never really caught my attention before. I really enjoyed the section called “Classroom Management and Classroom Community”.  Classroom management is described as the ways teachers create an effective classroom environment for learning, including all the rules and conditions they establish.  By observing the art class countless days at Bayshore elementary, I have come to the realization that classroom management is very very important. The chapter stated that educators believe that carefully arranging their classroom to lessen disturbances will make their classroom run efficiently. I couldn’t agree more with this statement because students, especially elementary students get distracted by the smallest of things. For example, one day I was cutting paper with a big cutting board and the students could not concentrate on the teacher teaching. They were so amazed by the sound and look of the cutting board. It’s highly important to have only one thing going on at once and have a structured classroom.

The section that talked about cyberbullying really got to me. I find that it is one of the most dangerous types of bulling there is. Daily you hear cases of kids as young as 7 committing suicide because of bullying on a social media site.   It is always good to be completely aware of these situations so that they do not go unseen.  I believe it is so important to make sure your students know that they can talk to you about anything. And letting them know that it is okay to ask for help. A teacher needs to have the best possible relationship with their students because the students need someone to trust. It is the teacher’s job to let them know they are safe.

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The section on classroom management also caught my eye and was very fun and interesting to read about.  I like how you were able to see how important classroom management is through doing your classroom observations and I feel the same way! I have done many observations for my other classes including this one and having classroom management is the key point in having a successful classroom.

I found it sad to read the section on cyberbullying because I really wish it was something that wouldn't exist.  But unfortunately it does and I liked reading your response about being completely aware of the situation so it never goes unseen.  Good post!

I also enjoyed the section about classroom community as well! I've also observed this that when you eliminate distractions and try your best to integrate fun and engaging activities and assignments that your class is far more behaved and learning much much more!

The section about cyber bullying is also very sad. Kids at this young age especially elementary school should not have access to social media like that. They're still growing emotionally wise as well as maturity wise and they know no better and one small comment can be so hurtful to a child so young. I would most likely put something in my beginning of the year syllabus after reading about this. 


I agree that this chapter was very informative and contained a lot of useful information for us to utilize. I liked that you brought in your experience with observing the art class and how it has helped you develop classroom management skills and knowledge. Your story about cutting paper distracting students was quite interesting to me, because with my experience I have found the opposite of what you observed. In my experiences the students I work with tend to be less distractible when there are multiple activities going on. I think this could be because having multiple activities prevents them from getting bored, but it is really interesting to hear different perspectives especially when they conflict each other. 

I agree that cyberbullying is a growing threat to a healthy environment between youth peers. The statistics, as research longevity increases, seem to provide stark data confirming that many of the youth population have been victimized or have been a perpetrator of some form of electronically bullying.

Suicide has also been closely linked to extreme counts of online aggression, coining the term cyberbullicide. I think that there also needs to be a strong consideration that many who have committed or attempted to commit suicide also had other emotional or psychological issues underlying that were not properly identified and or treated.

An age appropriate program devised to make youth students aware of and conversational about suicide would be beneficial in decreasing the statistics.  With proper conversational about the portrayal of the stark realities of suicide can deter it's occurrences but also make people more aware of how bullying can be severe.  Just starting conversations would be a great starting point to awareness of such an issue.


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