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I thought the most interesting aspect of this chapter was the section on classroom community. Classroom community is defined as "a community in which each participant is invested in the smooth operation of the whole and all participants have an interest in outcomes". I thought this was a very useful and beneficial way of looking at classroom management in a way that also involves the students. 

Setting up a classroom community is a way of involving all the students in setting the expectations and rules for the class. This often leads to better adherence to the expectations than just having the teacher set all expectations for the classroom. Another aspect I found interesting was being fully conscious while in the classroom. 

The text states that a teacher must be "on" from the moment they walk in the classroom, and I can say that I fully agree with that statement. This statement has definitely been true in my experience There is definitely a sense of having to be "on" when you walk through the doors of a school, and I think this is something very valuable for new teachers to realize. You have to be on the whole day, and you always have to be very aware of what you are saying and how it will be perceived by the students.   

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