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I really enjoyed chapter 10. I felt much of the chapter reviewed and highlighted many of the things we learned over the past semester. I also enjoyed the teaching stories included in this chapter. The story of Jaime and her dedication to her students reminded me of the feelings many of us expressed as to why we were choosing the teaching profession. There is no doubt teaching can be wonderfully satisfying and rewarding. 

I greatly appreciated, "Tips for New Teachers" and have recorded this list for future reference: 

  • Learn as much as you can about your school environment
  • Keep a journal
  • Join a collegial group and find a friend
  • Find a mentor
  • Remember that teaching is not telling
  • Plan for creative experiences and activities
  • To create a safe environment, show that you are human
  • Be passionate
  • Differentiate instruction

I feel each of the above tips are important to remember. 

I have also begun to prepare a teaching portfolio, inspired by this course. I learned a great deal from my observations and found them to be very informative. I will always remember the importance of reflection as I begin my career. We are all human and will no doubt make mistakes along the way, however just like our students, we will hopefully learn from those mistakes to become the very best teachers we can be!

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Megan, I think it's awesome that you started a teaching portfolio, it's better to get a head start on it then wait until the last minute. I do agree that the "Tips for New Teachers" is incredibly beneficial now and will be a great list to look back on in the future when you officially emerge yourself in to the teaching field in a couple years. All of those tips are incredibly important and will certainly show you to stop worrying and enjoy teaching, love your kids, and interact with staff of the school so you can fit in. I also agree that we are all human and we will make mistakes along the way, there's no way of avoiding it. The best we can do is learn from those mistakes and hopefully never commit them again. I wish you the best in the rest of your schooling and when you officially start your career! 


I am so jealous that you started your teaching portfolio already!! I really need to get a start on my portfolio. That's one of the things that I really enjoyed and ultimately benefited from this chapter.  The section about starting your portfolio was very helpful because it listed all the important points about making one. Most teachers wait until the last minute to make theirs and then it just becomes a hassle. If you plan ahead and collect all your work, adding it to your portfolio as you go, then you will be a little more organized and be able to look back at your previous accomplishments. Mistakes are bound to happen! I absolutely agree with you that we are all human as well! Learning from the mistakes you have made previously help you not make them again in the future.

Overall I really enjoyed your post!


I think having the teaching portfolio is a great idea and finding that you find it from this course was very understanding.  I also feel that my observation of a classroom helped me understand certain aspects of teaching and what is important to the teacher.  Definately learning from our mistakes is vital to life and our career as a whole, I so agree with this statement as well.  The tips for new teachers was a great insight of what we need to keep in mind for sure.


I also thought that chapter ten served as a "highlight reel" for the entire book, and the course so far. I think that the tips, especially the ones for new teachers, are one of the most valuable sections of the book. It is the examples of tips and stories from teachers that will be very useful for us, hopefully sometime soon when we all begin teaching in our own classrooms. In addition, I think, like you said, that it is very important for teachers to learn from their mistakes, and their students. It sets a great example for students when teachers are not afraid to reflect on, and admit their mistakes in front of the students. 

Megan, it is wonderful that you have already started working on a teacher portfolio, as you are preparing yourself for the future! There is a lot of time and effort that goes into becoming a teacher, and it is great that you have already begun some of the work. I also enjoyed the teaching tips, and thought they were very helpful for the reader, as most of us are going to pursue a teaching career. I don't think you will have any problems with the tips on that list, as you are already well on your way to preparing for your future! Great post and good luck! 


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