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Chapter 10 was very informational and included a lot about Public education. The definition for Public Education is an education that is publicly financed, tuition-free, accountable to public authorities, and accessible to all students. The section of Chapter 10 that I enjoyed the most was the section on creating a teaching portfolio.  For so long I have been confused on how to create my portfolio and what essential elements need to be included. Developing a portfolio is an amazing way to organize your thoughts and update accomplishments you may have in the future. Plus it is an excellent tool to use when looking for a job!

A few suggestions for preparing your portfolio:

  • Keeping your documents in a three ring binder.

  • Including a table of contents

  • Discussing your classroom philosophy.

  • Including a few samples of student work

  • Discuss your classroom management theory.

I also feel that by creating a portfolio you are basically keeping a organized journal of all your memories and accomplishments. As a future teacher, i need to make sure i keep record of everything that i have done and have accumulated to reflect on for future purposes. When i was shadowing for my experience hours, many students made paintings and written letters to me that would be great to include in my portfolio!

 From my experience I learned that it’s hard not to get frustrated with students, the teaching workload and even yourself but in order to get past this you always have to remember why you're teaching and what you may need to change about yourself in order to teach. I couldn’t be more confident and excited about my decision to major in early childhood education. It's all been a great learning experience and I'm more excited than ever to pursue my teaching degree and ultimately become an elementary school art teacher! 

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I too found chapter 10 to be very informative. It was a great review of all we learned this semester. One of the things we learned, was how to prepare a portfolio and I am also excited to begin to create my teaching portfolio. I think beginning a portfolio now will help us see how we begin to develop and grow along our career path. I also think there is great value in keeping a journal to help us reflect on our preparation, our classes, our students, and the outcomes. We are all striving for the outcome to be making a difference in the life of a child.  

Jessica, I agree with the fact that your teaching portfolio is similar to an organized journal. This will serve as a reminder to you of your beginning experiences and accomplishments at the start of you schooling, and this is something that will show your future employer(s) of all that you have done through out the years. I also agree with your experience that it is very hard not to get frustrated with students. Whether it's there behavior or you're trying to explain something so simple for the twentieth time, we need to learn to step back and breathe instead of getting frustrated. They are only children and they look up to us, and while we are incredibly stressed out, we shouldn't take our anger and stress out on the children. I wish you the best in the rest of your schooling and your career as an art teacher! 


I agree that Chapter 10 is very information and included about Public Education.  The outline if the definition is so true and gave perfect details about how the education is provided to everyone publicity  I love that you have outlined how to make a teacher's portfolio great information and how you feel that as a teacher you are keeping an organized journal of all memories and accomplishments.  Yes, I also agree that getting frustrated with students isn't difficult and having the workload of a teacher on top just makes it more difficult as well .  


It is great to include paintings and letters from students in a teaching portfolio. That exact tip is actually one that my mentor teacher gave me, she said that student letters are the best recommendation a teacher can have and that they really help show your teaching style. I think that keeping a portfolio is incredibly important because it will provide a concise depiction of who we are as teachers, that will be useful to employers and even parents in the classroom. It is useful for so many things and is definitely a valuable aspect of this book. 

Jessica, I especially loved your post as I am also majoring in Early Childhood Education! Having experience working with young children, I know that some days are going to be really hard. Not everything is going to go according to plan, and we as teachers have to realize that that is okay.  Like you said, we have to remember why we started teaching in the first place, and remind ourselves that we CAN make a difference in children's lives. My mom is a teacher, and as well as having a teacher portfolio, she also keeps a scrapbook of pictures and details of her former students, to look back and reminisce. 


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