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My sister once worked for a Jewish guy who threw away a refridgerator because someone had put a ham sandwich in it!  These people are really serious about their rules!
Christina Marie Hladky said:

I had no idea Judaism is one of the oldest religions, that's crazy! One of my Professors practiced Judaism very strictly, he had never had a piece of bacon in his life. He also wouldn't eat off a plate that had ever had any pork on it. Very interesting and informative powerpoint!


Internet Safety

Please be aware that while we collaborate globally, it is important to keep your identity private.  Please be protective of your private information while logging on to any web site, including this one.

Use fake information for birthdates; do not give your address, phone number, school or job locations or any other identifying information.  It is wise to use a secondary e mail address that is not your primary address whenever you log on to social web sites.

For more information on protecting yourself and your identity, please see the following web page: .

Be smart, be safe,

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