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This case study was very familiar to me because in high school I was a cheerleader and many of the same situations happened to me and my fellow teammates. I feel as if there was a lot of diversity on my team, there were all grade levels, and many different ethnicities on my team. I know many people think that cheerleaders are the most popular one and the prettiest ones but at my high school I think the cheerleaders were known as role models. I know that this case study was about cyberbullying but I think that bullying in general is a problem, and being a cheerleader you can use that to an advantage or a disadvantage. 

Overall I think in school is hard because there are so many factors that you have to deal with like being liked not only in person but now you want to be like on social media too. Cyberbullying is one of the fastest ways that teens become depressed and with case study I now understand why. I think that as teachers in today's world its hard to discipline students for things they post outside of class even though it may be affecting students in your class.

To me age does affect cyberbullying because I think that as you get older you become more brave on the internet because you are hiding behind a screen. Overall I think that people, specifically students, are more prone to bullying online. This case was interesting and it did open my eyes to start paying attention to how students are acting and paying more attention to what they are saying to others. 

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Hey Baylee!

I really liked your post! You did an awesome job. I like that you incorporated your personal experience to this case.I agree that cyberbullying is one of the fastest ways teens become depressed. Teens don't realize how much of an impact social media can have on not only their life, but others as well. All in all, great job!


It is unfortunate that this is a case study that really hits home for the majority of us, but it is also great in the way that each of us know from personal experience and therefore will be that much more vigilant and hyperactive about preventing it from happening to our students. I will say I believe that all children and young adults are at risk for begin a victim of cyberbullying or becoming a perpetuator of it. The internet and the way one is able to hide behind a screen I believe is dangerous at any age. 


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