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This weeks case was about a girl on the volleyball tram and how she is younger than some of the girls and the older girls bully the younger girls. They were bullied in and outside of the school. Mrs. Wheeler knew about the situation which means the bullying has gotten out of hand.With the girls on the team getting bullied by others it can effect how they play.

With bullying now it can lead up to some of the worst things like depression and they student can even end up ending its life. I believe that bullying has gotten worst over generations. With bullying online it can be even worst. If bullying is bad this generation i can't even imagine how bad it is going to get over generations. There is nothing funny about bullying people in and outside of school. 

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Hi Emily! I thought this case study was little but confusing but I think that as teachers it is important for us to realize what is happening in your classroom. I don't think it is our place to discipline our students but I think we should be made aware of the situation by paying attention to the students and how they are interacting in a classroom setting. 

Great Job, Baylee


 I also feel that technology has made things in our country worse throughout the past decade. If it were up to me, I would like to go back to paper and pencil. To me, technology has enable perpetrators to have access to our children and us. As well as media sites. For example, Facebook. I am on the fence about FB. Yes, I currently have an account but only because someone had text me a picture of my daughter that she came across on FB. Needlesstosay, I am a proactive parent and created an account so that I can see what is being put out there of her. Especially, when her friends are on FB. She does not have an account nor would it be allowed. Why? Well, she is thirteen and is not old enough to be on a media site. Once it is out there it cannot be erased and when you think you have your settings is set to "friends only" nothing really is private. It is the internet.  

Good post, Emily! Really great point and inference that the situation must have been pretty serious if the teacher was informed about it already. And it can definitely effect how well they play as a team and individually. Every type of bullying can effect people in different ways and more time then not- damage them. Cyberbullying can definitely be one of the worst types and I think it's the most aggressive type. Overall, good post.

Hey Emily!

I enjoyed your post this week! You did a really good job! I agree that bullying is getting worse over the generations. The internet and social media also bring on a new form of bullying. Cyberbullying is becoming more prominent with the younger generations. It's harder for teachers/coaches to stop it. All in all, great post!


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