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Chapter 3 was a very fun and very informative chapter to read! It was awesome to learn about how our education system developed over the years and to see how far we've come. It's crazy to think that back in the early colonial days education wasn't seen as being nearly as important as it is now. Kids were often taught more about the Bible than about science, math, or history. Over time kids began to be taught more about certain trades and crafts, but it took a while for the common schools to come around and teach them even more. It's also sad to know how little the girls were allowed to learn until public education came about.

The other thing I really loved learning about was the different philosophies of teaching. People often think of teaching being simply reading from a book and grading tests, but there's  a lot of thought that goes into just how you chose to teach a class. Whether you're into straightforward Essentialism, or far out and adventurous Existentialism, teachers can combine so many different methods and philosophies to teach their students in whatever way they think is best. It's so important to find what works best for you, and help your students with it.

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