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Reading through this chapter was very fun and very informative! I really loved seeing all the different testimonials from different teachers at different levels. Hearing their stories, seeing their favorite things about teaching, the things they struggled with, and the things that helped better themselves was an amazing resource that helped me learn a bit about what's coming to me in my future as a teacher. Seeing the negative along with the positive is refreshing, as most of the time people only want to talk about the happy smiling faces of their students and the joy of learning and all those positive things that go along with a teaching position. It's good to see that it's not all just fun and games. I like that they touched on burnout, which is a big problem I've had with teachers in my past. I never understood why some of my teachers were so bitter, mean, and rude to their students. I always wondered what caused them to be that way, and why they were even still teaching if they no longer enjoyed it. I can see now that burnout isn't just something that happens overnight, it's something that comes from weeks, months, and years of stressful and often underpaid work. It's good to see that burnout can be combated though, through help from your colleagues and administration. Overall this chapter was just a very good read, and I look forward to the next! 

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